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Handmade Coffee Mugs We Love

Finding the perfect coffee mug can be quite the task. But lucky for you, we did all the hard work! Here are our favorite mugs from female and black-owned ceramicists.

Recreation Center

Artist | Josephine Noel

It would be hard not to smile every time you open your cupboard if you were greeted with one of Recreation Center's playful mugs or bowls. Josephine Noel, the potter behind the brand, wouldn't have it any other way. "I like to take simple clean shapes and make them fun to look at - like a confetti party for your eyes," she says. Her pieces are playful and reminiscent of the 1980s.

Meha Ceramics

Artist | April Nickel

Meha Ceramics is a collection of thoughtfully-made pieces created by April Nickel. April draws upon Native American, Mexican, and Indian pottery as inspiration for much of her work. Her hand-painted incense burners, palo santo holders, mugs, and vases are earthy and feel rich with culture and symbolism. These ceramics will not only be a beautiful addition to your home, but a meaningful one.

Mimi Ceramics

Artist | Mica DeMarquez

Mimi Ceramics is a Portland-based ceramics brand run by Mica DeMarquez. Her hand-thrown ceramics are just as playful as they are functional, incorporating fun colors and shapes. Mica’s mugs, plates, and creamers will definitely add a little element of spice to your kitchen cabinet.

Utility Objects

Artist | Aleisha Ellis

This mug comes from Utility Objects, an Atlanta-based studio founded in 2018 by Aleisha Ellis. The extra-long handle makes it look way more interesting than your standard mug — and, presumably, makes it much more fun to sip from.

Now that you've found your new favorite mug, don't forget to snag some coffee beans from our online shop!

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