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Commitment to

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is the main source of plastic pollution that is clogging the ocean and expected to exceed the weight of all fish by 2050. At Be Social Coffee, we strongly believe that we can have a more positive impact on our planet and we are proud to offer earth-friendly packaging.

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin

Coffee Pouch

We use Biotrē 1.0 packaging which blocks out moisture, UV rays and oxygen to keep coffee fresh.  Biotrē preserves natural resources by reducing the use of fossil fuel and mineral resources. Biotrē 1.0 has a biodegradable outer layer made from plant-based, renewable materials such as wood pulp. The outer layer, which makes up 60% of the pouch material by weight, will break down naturally in a home composting environment. The remaining 40% inner layer includes plastic and will be leftover after the outer layer fully breaks down.

Image by Gary Chan


Using recycled and sustainable materials in our products' packaging helps reduce the burden on our environment. We use recycled labels made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Disposal Options

Coffee Pouch:

  • Dispose of the leftover plastic from the 40% inner layer in the regular trash.

  • The valve and tin tie are not recyclable or compostable. Remove the valve and dispose of it in the regular trash.

  • Remove the tin tie and use it to close other bags or manage computer wires. Be creative.

  • Biotrē is not recommended for municipal or industrial composting.


  • Since our labels are post-consumer recycled, remove the label and dispose of it in the regular trash. 

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