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What Makes Us Different? 

We are a better-for-the-world business that values people and the environment. In addition to bringing you high-quality specialty coffee, we promote education and awareness about coffee and its impact on the environment. Be Social Coffee plays a small, but valuable part in the change that is needed in the consumer industry to protect our planet from the exponential growth in waste.


From day one, we knew our coffee would be packaged using earth-friendly materials. What we found is that options are limited and not all "green" materials are equal. There is still a lot of work to do and we will play a part in increasing demand for more true, sustainable packaging.


As we continuously seek ways to utilize resources wisely and make our operations more efficient, the planet will benefit from our collective contributions to this effort. As we put in this work, there are also contributions that consumers can make. We challenge consumers to be more conscious of their consumption. Not in a way that hinders daily life but in a way that fulfills and complements it. We strive to heighten your awareness and contribute to a positive, global environment that generations to come will be proud of.

Image by Tyler Nix
"Regardless of how much you know about coffee or how skilled you are at home brewing, Be Social Coffee welcomes you."


We aim to deliver excellent customer experiences. We hold ourselves to a high standard throughout our entire operations. We make the ordering process simple, concise and secure.  Our coffee is quality checked and handled with care. We understand that running out of coffee is not okay. That is why we fulfill orders within 2 business days. We are a passionate team that shows up everyday ready to share our coffee while also uplifting under-resourced communities.


Our coffee is sourced and roasted under the leadership of a certified Q grader with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Regardless of how much you know about coffee or how skilled you are at home brewing, Be Social Coffee welcomes you.  You are a part of the coffee culture.

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