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Our Impact

At Be Social Coffee, we're passionate about running our business as responsibly and ethically as we know how in order to bring you a great cup of coffee that you can feel good about. At every point along the supply chain, from growing and roasting, to brewing and sipping, we can change lives and protect this precious environment.

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky


Packaging is the main source of plastic pollution that is clogging the ocean and expected to exceed the weight of all fish, by 2050. At Be Social Coffee, we strongly believe that we can have a more positive impact on our planet and we are proud to offer earth-friendly packaging.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Life without people is pretty boring. We found coffee to be a great way to connect. Be Social Coffee is our way to expand, create, play, challenge, nurture, and impact our community and world culture.



We try our best to use our business for good. At Be Social Coffee, we do our part to minimize our impact on the planet, deliver excellent customer experiences and uplift under-resourced communities.

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