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How Do You Like Your Drip?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hand drip (pour over) or coffee machine drip? One of the most fascinating things about coffee is that there are so many different ways to make it. From pour over, to machine drip, to french press, there are many ways to brew delicious coffee. This post compares pour over to coffee machine drip - the two most popular brew methods.

Pouring hot water into ground coffee

Pour Over

One of the biggest differences between pour over and drip is that pour over allows you more control over the brew. If you like to be in control of your morning kickstart, pour over is for you. Once you've weighed and grinded your coffee, you'll need a carafe, a filter, and slow-pouring kettle. Pour over is a technique whereby water is "poured over" ground coffee. When you slowly and evenly pour a stream of hot water onto ground coffee in a filter, more of the coffee's flavors are extracted than would be with a drip coffee machine. That is why coffee enthusiasts, baristas and new coffee explorers around the world love the pour over method despite it being a manual process.


On the other hand, drip coffee from a coffee machine is more convenient because it's fast and easy. However, you lose control over quality and taste with standard coffee machines. You can't control the temperature or the pace at which water goes through the ground coffee. There are some higher end coffee machines that give you more control but if you're not willing to pay top dollar, your standard coffee machine will result in a lower quality cup of joe compared to the pour over method.

The Verdict

It all depends on what you're after - ease and convenience or full-flavored coffee. The choice is yours but we recommend pour over. There are many other factors that go into controlling the taste and quality of your coffee, including coffee-water ratio, grind size, water quality and temperature. There are also many different types of brewers, filters and other equipment. It's easy to get overwhelmed but fret not. We recommend doing your research, investing in the basic essentials (don't buy a lot of gadgets) and experimenting with the pour over method first. Invite a friend over and have fun with it! Happy brewing!

Which brewing method do you prefer? Contact us if you have any questions.

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